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BPO and Health Plans

We specialize in providing comprehensive Health Plan BPO services that simplify the clinical and financial experience for patients and healthcare providers. With our intelligent back-office solutions and clinical services, we empower health plans to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes.

Our Access BPO services combine domain expertise, process transformation, and advanced technologies like Conversational AI, RPA, and Analytics to redefine excellence. Leading healthcare organizations trust us to drive innovation, revenue growth, and profitability.

We understand the importance of impacting every healthcare moment along the customer journey, no matter the size or significance. Our tailored solutions leverage next-gen technologies to transform operations.

Conversational AI enhances customer interactions, while RPA automates repetitive tasks, improving productivity and accuracy. Analytics provides data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Our approach drives top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability, making us a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.

Why Choose Access BPO?

Intelligent Back Office: Our innovative back-office solutions optimize administrative processes, claims processing, premium billing and collections, configuration services, eligibility, and enrollment services, appeals and grievances, and customer services. We simplify complex processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
Access BPO Financial Improvement Processes: Our expertise in financial improvement processes includes coordination of benefits, eligibility verification, overpayment identification and recovery, fraud, waste, and abuse management, and achieving 5-star ratings for Medicare Advantage plans through the Medicare Star Quality Rating System.
Access BPO Care Management Processes: We strengthen care management processes through utilization management solutions, telemedicine support, and integrated case management. Our focus is on enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing care delivery.

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