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Full Practice Management Services

Access BPO Medical Business provides full practice management services. Our objective is to be the best full practice service provider at a reasonable cost. This objective has served us well, as we have never failed to exceed the performance expected by our clients.

Claims are aggressively monitored to ensure the accurate and timely processing. Customized reports are also generated based on the client’s requirements.



Confidentiality of medical records is assured by providing securely locked files for all records. Computerized records are password protected and kept separate from other databanks. Access BPO has zero tolerance policy for any breach of confidentiality.

Direct Contact

Our flexible work environment allows you direct communication round the clock when you have questions or concerns regarding your practice.


Access BPO takes responsibility for all the systems necessary to assure proper payments, as well as for keeping up with the constantly changing rules and regulations associated with medical billing.

Cost Benefits
Outsourcing eliminates costly and unproductive training periods and frees you from the burden of billing & collections. Medical Healthcare providers will have more time for better patient care due to reduced paperwork.
Access BPO serves to new practices as well as established practices. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any practice. New practice cannot afford to experiment with the unknown concerning their billing. It is vital to have the billing system up and running as fast as possible. Access BPO assures a smooth and predictable transition for the start-up, as well as for the established practice.

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