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AT Access BPO we believe in absolute transparency.


Best In Industry Security

We invest heavily in technology that builds a wall between your data and all possible threats to it.

A Secure Platform

Whenever you upload your data to our platform or receive a payment from your customer, as third-party bearers of your data, ensuring the security of the transactional data is our prime concern.

Secure Invoice Data

The moment a user uploads data from your ERP or enters information using a spreadsheet, the data gets encrypted until it reaches the Credgenics processing environment.

Also, our tokenization ensures that unencrypted data never touches your systems or applications.

Data Backup

All your data is safe with us on our cloud platform. We understand, enterprise data is anything but uniform.

Which is why our data protection, backup and recovery solution covers the full range of data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes.

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